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That’s NOT REAL!

From time to time I interrupt the regular flow of class to share about something newly emerged on the web. I call these a “bit of cool” and they really help my kids who need extra time to transition from one activity, like our typing teaching program, to another activity.

These updates have included a high-speed playback of a beauty makeover complete with photoshop changes to the model. An ordinary woman, including freckles, sits down, and through time-lapse photography we see what a crew of makeup, lighting, and photo artists makes of her–then, we see her picture modified using something like photoshop, so that her neck becomes longer, her eyes are magnified, with a few easy clicks. Finally, the result is put on a billboard.

The makeover demonstrates that no-one, even the model involved, could hope to look like the picture of the model that wound up on the bill board. I comment that I hope none of my students is trying to look like her–because no-one really can. This wonderful, short video clip comes from The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.

Boys don’t have that kind of resource:

I searched for a similar way to help the boys in my classes understand that the “B**flex” commercials and the “B**watch” actors are actually setting an unreal standard, even for someone willing to spend all their time body-building. The closest I came was this article, by Alicia Potter, talking about male body image and explaining that

Being a man these days seems, well, an awful lot like being a woman. For men, more than ever, looks count. In Vogue and Men’s Health alike, modern-day Adonises sell everything from protein powder to Armani cologne. They’ve got washboard abs, silky skin, nipples so erect they cast shadows. The male torso reigns as the decade’s most powerful “crossover image” (appealing to men, women, gays, and straights alike), reports Peter Arnell of the New York advertising agency the Arnell Group.

Really, it’s pretty amazing, that “Doctors can lift the flap of skin on the back of the lower leg, insert a hunk of silicone, and presto: handsome, bulging calves.”

Plastic Calves! Please, if anyone knows of a resource similar to the Dove Campaign for Beauty to help young men understand the relatively newer, fiercer pressures on their body image, let me know.

I need to share it. So do you. At the very least, show the Dove makeover to all your students, including the guys.